How to create & import questions from a question bank?

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How to create & import questions from a question bank?

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Creating and importing questions in TestYou is very simple. In many cases, you need to conduct a test in a hurry and you don’t get time to create the question for your test. TO solve this problem, we have created a simplified question bank feature where you can select and import questions from the question bank into the test.

Let’s have a look at how to create and import questions from TestYou question bank into your test

  1. Click on the Create Test.
  2. Add details to the test (Select Category, Title, Description, Keyword(optional))
  3. For importing questions from a question back, click on the Manage Questions.
  4. Click on Question Bank Option.
  5. Select question bank from the drop-down menu option.
  6. Then select the question(s) you want to import into your test and click on the Add Selected Questions button. Selected questions will be added to your test.
  7. Customize test’s setting from the Test Setting option.
  8. If an extra section is needed in the test, click on the Add New Section button.
  9. Once the test is set up, click on the Publish Test button to publish test.

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