Now Add Subjective Questions In Your Test!!

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Now Add Subjective Questions In Your Test!!

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TestYou has become more robust, productive and more reliable with its new feature. Now you can add subjective questions to your test paper in just a few minutes. This new feature let you evaluate a candidate’s performance in a much comprehensive and precise manner.

Benefits of Subjective Questions

  • Gives better chance to candidates to express their knowledge.
  • Better Evaluation of candidates skills on a particular topic.
  • It’s more expressive than the other questions formats.

Adding subjective questions to your paper is a matter of minutes:

  1. Click on Create Test.
  2. Add details to the test (Select Category, Title, Description, Keyword(optional))
  3. For adding questions, click on the Manage Questions.
  4. For adding Subjective Questions, click on Manage Questions -> Manually Add -> Subjective
  5. Add Subjective Questions in the Text Area and click Save & New to add new questions or click Save & End to save the questions.
  6. Customize test’s setting from the Test Setting option.
  7. If an extra section is needed in the test, click on the Add New Section button.
  8. Once the test is set up, click on the Publish Test button to publish test.

Evaluate in a much better way with TestYou’s now Subjective questions!!

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