Resume Your Incomplete Test Without Losing Test Progress

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Resume Your Incomplete Test Without Losing Test Progress

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It’s a very crucial situation when you are in between an online test test and the test gets interrupted due to any reason, and your current progress is not saved. In such situation you have to reattempt the test thats even when it is allowed. In testyou, a candidate can easily resume the incomplete test and all the progress of the test will be saved so that the candidate is not needed to attempt the test again.

This is the one of the key feature of testyou where a candidate can attempt test in a relaxed and focused manner. Their is no worry about the lose of test progress as all the progress is being saved automatically. Candidate just have to attempt the test and all other things will be manged by testyou. Testyou not only useful for candidates as they can ensure that their test progress is automatically saved. But its also beneficial for the examiners with it’s easy to examine the progress of test.

Examiner have complete control over the test as he/ she has various test settings to customize the test according to the test requirement. Apart from the resume incomplete test, testyou offers various test settings like mode of answering, ultimate time flexibility, import questions from question bank or directly by the Excel Sheet and much more.

As we all have concern about test remains incomplete can cause various problem if the reattempt is not allowed. Even if the re attempt is allow, the candidate have to attempt the test from the beginning. But the testyou offers functionality of re attempting the test that is interrupted due to any reason. Join testyou now to enjoy limitless benefits in online test.

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