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Create Exclusive Groups For Test

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There are many situations where you need to conduct different tests for different groups at the same time. For such situation you need an online test creator which gives the facility of such feature. TestYou is one of the online exam sites which offers you the amazing feature of Group test.
In TestYou you can Create Exclusive Groups For Test and assign students to these test groups. For example if you want to conduct a test in an institution which is having various branches. To conduct a separate test for each branch and managing all students is a tedious task. TestYou offers you to create separate groups for separate test so you can easily conduct and manage each test easily.

Quickly Setup A Group Test By Following These Simple Steps

1. Click on the Create Group Icon

create- group- test-testyou

2. Then Create a group by giving a Group Name and Group Description


3. After creating group, you can import the candidates by 3 ways


  • By entering contacts manually
  • By importing from Gmail
  • By importing contacts from previous Group

You can add candidates contact details by any method.

4. After adding contacts to a group, you can assign your test in that group

5. After this just click the Publish Test Button

You can notify all candidates by sending Notification via Mail. Test link will be sent to all the candidates, so the candidate can attempt test simply by clicking on link.

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