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Useful Feature Of Time Flexibility In Test

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TestYou Offers you very useful feature of Time Flexibility, where you can customize the date and the time setting according to your convenience. There are certain situations where you have to restrict the test date, time and the duration to keep the test exclusive for some specific purpose.
In TestYou you can customize the Time Flexibility in simple steps, so the candidates are allow to attempt the test only in specific time slot.

Follow these simple steps to set specific date and time for a test

1. Firstly, Log in into the TestYou and choose the examiner mode. Then click on the Create test option.

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2. After you click on the Create Test, Fill the details of test which includes

  1. Select Test Category
  2. Give Title of test
  3. Give brief description to Test
  4. Give a suitable keyword to the Test (Optional)

And Click Next

3. After filling test details, Click Next. And click on the Test Setting Button.


4. Go to the Time Setting Button and set the following details
1. Time Duration of Test
2. Test Availability (set it to specific)
3. Date Of Test
4. Time
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