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Amazing Feature of Public & Private test

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Consider a scenario where you want to conduct a test where all candidates can attempt test simply by registering for that test. Or on the hand if you want to conduct test where you want only those candidates who are allowed to attempt it, can give the test.

Public and Private test:

TESTYOU handles both the scenarios to meet your every requirement. TESTYOU has this amazing feature of conducting public and private tests by which an examiner can conduct both the public and private tests with wide customizations over the test to meet your every expectations.

E-Mail Notification:

In private test mode, examiner can even notify all the candidates regarding the test by the Email notification feature of TESTYOU. It becomes really helpful when the test is to conduct between large number of candidates, it becomes easy to inform all by Email notification.
Apart from all these amazing features, you can customize the test’s timing, duration, test validity period and much more to give you the perfect control over test.

Pricing structure of TESTYOU is flexible and affordable. In public mode it is free upto 50 test attempts per day and after daily limit it’s only 10 credit points per test attempt. In private mode, for creating a test it takes 100 credit points and only 5 credit points per attempt which is really affordable if test is to be conduct in large group.Each credit point is equals to 1 INR . For using paid features you need to purchase credit points which can use as per your requirements.

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