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TestYou Provides Best Online Recruitment Solution

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We understand that conducting a Recruitment test is the most important and tedious task, but with TESTYOU, it’s really a handy and few minutes process.
TESTYOU is one of the best and leading website for conducting online test. TESTYOU is having special focus on conducting tests for recruitment process. Unlike from basic configuration which all website provides, TESTYOU offers numerous customizations over test which delivers perfection at your desired consistency.
TESTYOU offers it’s own questions from it’s question bank if you don’t have your questions for test. Apart from this TESTYOU offers numerous features for conducting online recruitment test.

Following are some of prominent features of TESTYOU Online Recruitment Test :

  • Facility to conduct test in public or in private mode.
  • It allows to add questions from it’s question bank or by importing from Excel sheet or by adding manually.
  • TESTYOU gives it’s embed code of Iframe by which you can host test on your website.
  • By using Iframe you can also use your brand logo.
  • Wide customization over test which allow examiner to design test in exact required manner.
  • Facility of password authentication for fully protected test.
  • It offer detailed setting on test’s duration, format, accessibility, test order, evaluation and much more.

And other than above features TESTYOU offers many unique and useful features by which conducting online recruitment test is easy and secure in affordable package.
It’s not only useful for examiners but also for the candidates because for candidates, their are many features like reattempt the test, resume test if test is interrupted by any reason, browse test sections and much more.
Try TESTYOU for conducting recruitment test and let’s testyou customize a secure online test for you within few minutes.

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