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TESTYOU- A Complete Online Test Solution

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TESTYOU is one of the trending and leading website for conducting online test at any level from schools to colleges, specially having focus on conducting tests for recruitment process. TESTYOU provides vast customization over your test which are not available on other competitor’s websites which are not only limited to basic customizations including questions and duration setting, it offers much more than this.

TESTYOU has following key features

Public & Private Test Mode

TESTYOU is divided into two parts which are the student section and examiner section.
In student section, students can simply logjn to their account to choose a test to attempt it and analyze their performance instantly after test and student section completely free of cost.

In examiner section, by simply login in to their account, test can be create within minutes. Creating a test is very easy and it takes four steps to get your test publish. Steps includes giving basic description of test, Setting up the questions, customize the setting for test and then publish the test.

Tests can be published in two modes one is the public mode and other is the private mode, examiner can conduct in any mode according to requirements.In public mode test created will be visible to all users and all those candidates who are registered for test can attempt it. Tests created in private mode are only visible to those candidates who are allow to give test and registered through their respective Email Id.

Group Creation and Importing Questions

Examiner can also create groups for test which is useful when the test has to be conduct between people of same profile and multiple groups can be set up. Examiner can add as many members as required in group without any limitation.

Test can be setup by importing questions from previous question bank or by creating new question bank by importing questions from excel sheet or by entering questions manually.

Choose From 3 Answering Modes

Their are three ways to set the answering mode which includes multiple choice question, fill in the blanks and last is true or false type. Apart from setting answering mode it allow you to apply negative marking for test. Candidates can reattempt test from the same question from which they left if any interruption is cause due to any reason.

Easy Scheduling Of Test

Scheduling of test is a easy task with TESTYOU, time slot can created for a particular test, so if it is required to limit the duration of test it can be done. Examiner can also setup how the test will look like, a single page layout or creating different sections for different types of questions so that candidate can go through various section of test.

Affordable Price Stucture

Pricing structure of TESTYOU is flexible and affordable. In public mode it is free upto 50 test per day and after daily limit it’s only 10 credit points per test attempt.
In private mode, for creating a test it requires 100 credit points and only 5 credit points per attempt where 1 credit point is equals to 1 INR which is really affordable if test is to be conduct in large group. For using paid features you need to purchase credit points which you can use as per your need.


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