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Hi Everyone,

Sometimes you must be thinking that why we named this online examination tool TESTYOU.

So, today we are telling you, that what was our thinking behind selection of this name TESTYOU

We all knows that the weather is not always remain delightful. Sometimes we are hit with many different elements – Rain, Wind, Insufferable heat or icy cold. These all represents the hard times and challenges in life.

In the whole world, there is not a single person whose life is totally lovely with full of joy, and, life without any challenge or problem. Everyone have their own problems and challenge. And I thought we need to wake up our inner strength and face all the problems with full of confidence.

Thinking about all these things and to grow up your confidence level we create this online examination tool Testyou. To check and improve your skills.

It is a platform where we help someone’s to improve their self-confidence and performance and also in making their career and bright future as a professional in any field. So, One can assume the meaning of TESTYOU as :-

T – Trustworthy / Triumph

E – Elegant / Embolden / Expertise

S – Strength / Stability / Spirit

T – Tenacity / Target

Y – Youthful

O – Optimist / Opportunity / Original

U – Unique / Ultimate / Upgrade

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