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Why WE Create Online Test Creator ?

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Hello Everyone,

How are you ? Hope you are doing well…..

Today we are telling you our story behind the creation of our Online Examination Tool which we named Online Test Crteator (TESTYOU).

We are now in the era of modern technology and social media, where everyday a new technology is introduced in the market. The era, where everyone wants best education and a good job to live a standard and reputated life in between the reputated society. I was also thinking like that during my school – college days. But I was only think about that things. And I just dreaming about success, and do nothing to achieve the target. I spent all my time in enjoying other activities because I hate to read books specially for course books. I studied just before one day of examination and get a good result. That’s why, I were think that getting a good job in an MNC or any good IT Company is not a though task and i easily get job in a reputated company.


One day I felt that I was wrong, every of my dream of getting a good job had been broken, when I was faced my first job interview. You know what, I remember very well, at that day I was full of confidence and too much excited that yeeee today I am going to face my life’s first interview and after few hours I will get a good job and then every of my dream will come true.

But I was shocked when interviwer started asking questions, and you don’t believe, I was just watching his face continuously without any expressions and I don’t know the answer of any of his question I was totally blank. I was rejected………

I was very upset and was feeling very disappointed. Then I came home and sitting alone for few hours and thinking what is this happened now what can I do and all and all. Then i thought “Yaar ye kya apni to insult ho gayi, ab to kuch karna hi padega” and then I decided to start preparation for next term and i started studying hard.

Suddenly one day, while I was recall the memories of my first job interview then i realize not only I am rejected but a lot of candidates has been rejected, some in interviews some are facing failure in examination. So I thought, I should help them. But the main question was….. HOW ?

Then I had doing some research and started a survey over demands and requirements of students that what they need, which type of help they required regarding their studies. And then, finally I got the aim of my life and make a Online Testing System TESTYOU. Yes, in starting I was also facing some difficulties in making it but, someone said very truely that……….. “Karoge nahi to hoga kaise :- Practice makes a man perfect ” and I truely believe this and keep myself motivated and tried again and then finally get success in making this Online Test Creator. The idea behind to create this tool is just to help other students / candidates in their exams, tests, and interview preperation.

Trust me friends Online Test Creator is very helpful for you in your exam preparation and also in learning new things. Try it, you will really get it’s great benefit in your exam results.

Keep Practicing ….. a great success will arrive your way.

Thank you.

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