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Are We Still In Love With Books ??

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Hello Everyone,

We are back again with this new post, hope you all will enjoying reading this. In today’s post we are going to talking about some different topic and that is …………

Are we still in love with books ?? What do you think ? Do you ? Well that’s a million dollar question. But quite interesting…… Right guys?? Ok ….

Everyone has their own habbits and hobbies based on their interests. Someone likes playing games, watching movies, travelling, music etc. On the other hand, some persons also includes reading books in their hobbies.

If we expect from students or childrens (especially from our current generation) to go and do their study, and read their study books. They gives us wired expressions and says, reading study books…… naaaaaa, It’s so boring, And also some of the students feeling sleepy while they read their course books. I am telling you a secret, some of the time i had also done this type of things during my school days :-p. Forget it, Come back to the main point.

Students takes reading study books as a boring task, and most of the time they love to do study online. For this, they use computers, smartphones tablets ect. One of the biggest drawback of latest technology is that it keeps us far away from books this is just because of internet and technologies.

9 out of 10 minutes they consume in using mobile or computer, It doesn’t mean that they don’t like reading books. Offcorse they love reading books. But………… They prefer books to read like Novels, Magazines, Story books, etc. etc.

From my point of view, Online learning is also fun learning, which creates a positive attitude towards reading and learning and provide inspiration for the next generation. And also it attarcts interest of past generation.

All we are very aware about the influenece of gadgets and technologies in day to day life. These gadgets and technology attracts peoples of every age group, even they are old age peoples or little kids. In a way, gadgets are become a most important part of our daily lives and culture.

Not only our youngsters infact old aged peoples are also spent their lots of time in plyaing with mobiles, tablets and other electronic gadgets. It’s a very big change in our society which is occured due to technology.

Before few days i heared few lines from a poet who was very old in age,

Umar ka takaaza hai, dil toota hua baaja hai,
apni to ulti ginti chalu hai, aane wala kal tumhara hai !!

He said these lines to a young boy. Yes it’s true that India can be changed by new generation. But i am not agree with the above lines. I believe that, there is no such particular age and limit for reading and writing and for learn new things. Because knowledge is the only one thing in the whole world which does not decreases any more while you share it with someone else, infact it increases rapidly. And i strongly believe that, the past generation and the next generation both are supplements of each other, so they are incomplete without one another. Both the generations have learnt so many things from one another..

If we look backward in India, the time when there is no such development and peoples were narrow minded. They were don’t allow their childrens (especially girls) to go out for studies. we saw that every successful man have a long story of their struggle and they were also cope many challenges to get this success.

But the main thing is that, during that time technologies were not developed and childrens were do their study through books, and they love to read books some of the time.. But, nowadays so many technologies are introduced. That’s why students of today’s generation are not so much interested in reading study books. They done their studied through internet and online education.

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  1. mayank rawal says:

    Really nice work.

  2. Ravi says:

    i too love books :)

  3. Cory says:

    bookmarked!!, I really like your site!

  4. It’s remarkable in favor of me to have a web site, which is beneficial in support of my know-how.
    thanks admin

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