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How To Make Test In Group ?

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Hello Everyone,

In this post we are going to giving you proper guidence on how to create test in group. To set test in group and allow your group members to attempt test you just need to follow the given instructions which is marked from red in images :-

Step 1.

For the first you need to Login into your acount on

Step 2.

After login just go on Examiner page.


Step 3.

Now go to Groups from nevigation menu and than select Create Group option from here.

Step 4.

1. A small form will open, enter your Group Name and Description here and than click Submit.

Your group has been created.

Step 5.

Now you need to add members in your group. You can add members manually and also from your Gmail contacts.

Manually :- You can add multiple contacts one by one by using comma between two email ids.
Gmail :- You can import your gmail contacts by accessing your gmail account.
Contacts :- You can add contacts in group from my contacts and also you can send invitation to new users.

Step 6.

Now you need to do some settings for your group test. For this go to Test’s List from My Test. And than click on settings.

Step 7.

Now click on Advanced Settings.

And in the end scroll down the page and look at Private Settings. Apply following settings as shown in image :-
Access Permission :-  From here you can allow to attempt test for all users or also set the limit of users for test.
Available Groups :- From here you can select a particular group.
Send Notification For Test :- You can send a notification via email to your group members.


Finally you are ready to access your group test.

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