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Effect Of Social Media On Education

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Hello Everyone,

As we all knows very well that, as the students educational level is increasing the social media interference is also increasing in their life in both positive and negative way. There are lots and lots of active social media users all over the world. So, clearly it means that social media effects on our daily life as well as on our educational level.

We all might that the effect is one sided, but it seems that social media has done as much good as bad to our educational structure.

Now we are going to talking about some positive and negative points of social media that how it affects students life in both manner.

Some Positive Points :-

Using social media for educational purpose can be banificial for student learning in multiple ways some of which are :-

  • Social Media makes the world very smaller, now students are getting more information and knowledge and also getting better opportunities.

  • Social Media improved students capacity to absorb information and learn new things quickly.

  • Social Media helped students and learners to choose a better direction for their future and also to reach on their goals easily, which is quite impossible for students over 10-15 years ago.

Some Negative Points :-

  • It is very tough for students to communicate face to face with peoples, due to that they are spending lots and lots of time talking from behind the screen, means “Online Talking”.

  • The consideration to details, grammer, and pronunciation has been drastically decreased. This only is due to the communication that happens online is not correct and are also not in a proper way. Students are using very small spelling and of symbolic words to communicate with each other.

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