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How To Choose Best Online Examination System

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Online Testing software is very helpful in taking some important decisions about Placement, Recruitment, Grading and most importantly it is used in the purpose of examination Preperations for competitive exams like SSC, BANK PO, CET, MBA, PSC, etc.

Online examination pattern are gently replacing the traditional examination approach. Online examination or e-exams means web based examinations and which are conducted through internet or intranet without any software or application. There are certain Online Examination Systems are availabel that are useful in any organizations and institutes to engage tests and exams.

But the question is that which one is better choice ? And what features of any online exam system is best for us. It is tough to select the best one. So, lets take a look at some features that can be decisive in selecting right option.

  • Familiar and Easily Accasiable :-

Accesiblity is most important for training institutes and recruitment companies who organize mock test in their various test centers. For this, the system should be easily accesiable for both teachers / organizers and interviewers.

  • Create and Take Tests with Ease :-

Teachers and organisers who are relatively new to the concept of Online learning / online exam needs clear instructions to create and take tests. For recruiters looking to save time and logical, question banks should be made available.

  • Anti Cheating Feature :-

A good Online Exam System must have anti cheating feature to stop cheating effectively.

  • Should Provide Online Reporting :-

The test scores should be calculated automatically as soon as the test is over, candidates as well as the test organizers can see the scores simultaneously.

  • Should Provide Proper Support :-

A good online examination software should be able to provide proper help to client and visitors and have a technical back end working actively to keep the software up to date and compatible.

We hope this post will help you in selection of best Online Examination System. If you think we miss any feature you can remind us through comments.

Thank you.

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