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Smart Way of Learning :- E-learning

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Today we are here to tell you about the smart way of education (e-learning) and its impact on the new generation. In the entire world, 21’st century is well known for the use of technology in every filed like Engineering, Medical, Transportation, Business, Education etc.

E-learning point out the use of electronic media and information and communication technology in educational field. For today’s generation e-learning is an smart way of education for students and learners. Online / e-learning describes educational system that technologically and electronically supports learning and teaching.

In terms of E-learning “e” should be mean that it is Exciting, Energetic, Educational, Emotional and Extended in addition to electronic. This is categories in into many range. Some of these are addressed as below:-

  • It is an technological medium which assists to the smart communicational knowledge.

  • It is a self educational system, where everyone can study about any subject or courses like “Computers” and “Information and communication Technology” etc.

  • E-learning is now used in India to capture the general intent to support broad range of electronic media.

During the past decade, and especially the last few years, students and learners have expand. Technologies are changed day by day and will continue this at very fast speed. This means that teacher’s and their teaching methods must be change and with the change in time they will adopt e-learning system.

E-learning opening new opportunites for students that will helps them in building new nodes of knowledge which is depending on their demands and learning technique.

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