TestYou Introduce I-FRAME Feature for users

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TestYou Introduce I-FRAME Feature for users

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TestYou is now introducing its new feature TestYou I-frame which is simple and easy to use. Now TestYou provide you to use our I-frame document to use in your website to get attempt your test by students in your website. This is an HTML document and you have to implement within your website to use this feature.

With this feature, User can get the embed code of their newly create online test and attach that HTML code into their own website to show the test on their website or blog.

Steps to get the Embed Code of Your Test

  1. First you have to Login or Signup with TestYou.in
  2. then you have to go to Examiner mode
  3. Create your New Test or Click on Test Name for which you want to generate code
  4. Click on “Generate Embed Code”button
  5. Copy the iframe code and put it into your website.

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