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TestYou – The E-Learning Program and Online Exam Partner

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“E-learning is the use of electronic media and information & communication technologies in education. E-learning is broadly inclusive of all forms of educational technology in teaching and learning…”

Today we are living in the era of Information Technology, and students are very well familiar with the Internet and computers. So Internet based education system is getting more popular day by day. To enhance the interest of students we have came up with our new web application TestYou which will helps them to develop their skills, and will also become their best guide in the preparation of various competitive exams.

What is TestYou and why is it helpful for students?

TestYou is an Online system which is specially designed for students or candidates for help them to do the preparation for their various Online Competitive Exams. It is hosted 100% online and you don’t need to install anything else on your computer, except you need a browser to open the web/ Internet because it directly working with web portal.

TestYou is a online portal for creating online Tests of related subjects like aptitude, English or other and makes it easy for both examiner & students to create & conduct online tests in different-different sections and attempt various types of tests. Also, here you will get lots of tests which is based on the pattern of various Online Competitive Exams it will definitely helps you in your exam preparation. Questions inserted in each tests are collected from various competitive exams. This will helps you to do practice of questions & to easily understand the type of questions will appear in the Competitive Exams.

With the help of TestYou students will get many ideas that, what kind of questions will asked in Online Competitive Exam, and how they answer them to score high marks.

You can set your test on both types publicly and privately. And also you are able to share your tests on Social networking sites.

The time flexibility feature of TestYou will also help you to attempt tests in given time limit, so after attempt of each and every test students / candidates speed will increase. It gives great benefit to students in there exams.

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