Touchstones for English vocabulary and Grammar

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Touchstones for English vocabulary and Grammar

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English Level Test or English Language Proficiency Test is a touchstone or mug for checking or evaluating proficiency in English language grammar and vocabulary words. English test is a one hour multiple choice test given on English language proficiency or adroitness by the examination centre or College Board.

A student, Who is not an English medium student, this test helped him to do preparation for getting admission in the top management schools; or for getting a job in Top MNC companies depending upon requirements of the schools, college and organization in which the student/candidate is planning to apply.

The English Test assessed both the understanding of spoken and written standard of American English and the ability to function in a classroom where English is spoken.

Today English test is compulsory to get selected in any government and non-government organization; or clear competitive exams like MBA, CAT, XAT management level entrance test; or Bank PO or Clerk test, SSC; or to select in a firm which works in global market. English Test is a obstacle to build a good and successful career, for those candidate who are not from English medium schools and colleges. These tests can help them to improve their English vocabulary and Grammar expressions.


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