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As we know, at this time, there are several most precious blogs and articles like on study tips and study plans for exams available on the web which describe to you that how can you make your study better or make a well structured plan for your study and they will definitely help you to achieve your goals. We are not interested in this scenario. We want you to go beyond the limits and make yourself free from other factors by which your study affects.

There are six steps, you should follow them.

  1. You should make things interesting. If you are going to study, I would like to suggest to you that play with your books, subjects and study materials. Create a vision and be comfortable with the subjects. If you are not comfortable with this and take it uncomfortably then it will be just a meshup and soon you will get tired from this. For example- A cricketer play cricket because he is interested in the game. So if you want to study well, then first increase your interest level.
  2. The second point correlate with time, you should manage your time. Everybody knows that the time will never comeback in one’s life. So I want to say- “DON’T WASTE IT, JUST TASTE IT”. You think that I am giving you lecture about the time. You are right, yes I am. I would like to say that if you don’t want to study books, then you must start quarreling with them. This will definitely help you, just try it.
  3. Some people says that “You should have a place where you can study without any disturbance”. But I think that if you really want to study, curious about it, then you will definitely find a place where you can study comfortably.
  4. Some people says that study in chunks like 20 to 50 or 1 hour then take some rest before going to start it again. I am agree with them but I want to say that you should take rest and in this time you must analysis what you study, think about topic and analyze yourself.
  5. If you are having many thoughts in your mind about other factors belongs to you. I would suggest to you that first you should clean your thoughts by taking rest or making happy yourself with fun and calm you mind.
  6. I suggest you to make your study notes or point out things because this will help you to remember the topic. It will also help you when you again read this topic.

I hope that these steps will help you to make your study better and also help you to get better rank in the exams. Except this, I suggest to you that you should also check your skills and mind abilities by taking online test. There is a free online examination tool named “TestYou.In” with easy and comfortable user interface, which will provide you test series to learn and evaluate your skills.

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